The Top 5 Tokens For Cryptocurrency Investors Seeking High Returns

The Top 5 Tokens For Cryptocurrency Investors Seeking High Returns

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September 15, 2022 by Super System
Top 5 tokens 2022

Top Tokens For Crypto Traders 

Investors are seeking for the finest cryptocurrency currencies to buy in 2022 after the success of Bitcoin. While many investors might decide to hold onto their cryptocurrency investments for the long term, this article reviews the best high risk cryptocurrency assets to buy.


Tamadoge is an interesting and creative meme currency initiative. It gives TAMA and NFT holders a practical benefit and a way to generate additional revenue. Players train, breed, and engage in combat with other players’ tiny NFT pets in this play-to-earn game to earn points.

Each month, money from the Dogepool prize pool is awarded to the player with the most points.

The Tamadoge project’s primary product is its line of Tamadoge Pets. These tiny NFT pets are born as infants and need care and attention as they develop into adults. They may compete against other Tamadoge Pets to go up the scoreboard once they reach adulthood.

Tamadoge uses NFTs in a novel way that makes it stand out from other meme currency clones.

Every NFT comes with a 3D animated model that may be used by users as an avatar in existing metaverses.  The team also plans to build an augmented reality app that would enable users to take care of their pets as if they were in the same room, bringing these Tamadoge Pets into the real world.

Tamadoge coin

Battle Infinity

A brand-new initiative called Battle Infinity mixes the world of gaming with blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi). Battle Infinity allows users to join its metaverse-based virtual environment to engage in play-to-earn (P2E) activities and features, making it our best high risk, high return cryptocurrency recommendation for 2022. IBAT, the platform’s native utility token, is used to run it.

The IBAT Premier League, the first-ever NFT-based sports fantasy league, allows users to take part and earn prizes. Its metaverse component, the Battle Arena, also allows users to create custom avatars that have been minted as NFT using ERC 721 smart contracts.

IBAT is one of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in for 2022 and allows users to stake the token on the Battle Stake function to earn interest. On the Battle Swap, users may also swap IBAT for other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Battle Infinity manages worldwide liquidity pools where IBAT tokens are deposited in part as transaction fees.

battle infinity play to earn

Lucky Block

Another coin with a high potential for risk and profit is Lucky Block, a decentralized NFT competition platform. Users may participate in competitions on Lucky Block with the Platinum Rollers Club NFT to win weekly rewards.

Every Friday, the website organizes the NFTdraw, where visitors may win up to $50,000.

The native token, LBLOCK, is used for payment. A BEP 20 protocol designed for DEXs served as the basis for the initial LBLOCK token.

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High-performance blockchain network Solana has historically generated significant profits. Similar to Ethereum, the Solana network enables the deployment of DApps (Decentralized Applications), DeFi protocols, and other features by developers through the use of smart contracts. Solana is capable of processing thousands of transactions per second by utilizing a Proof-of-History consensus (TPS).

The price of Solana (SOL) rose from $1.9 in January 2022 to an all-time high of $260 in November. This was a startling 13,584% rise. But Solana’s price has dropped to $45, more than 80% below its all-time high.

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Users of the metaverse portal Silks may buy, sell, and collect real horses. The creators of Silks implement this idea in blockchain technology by producing an NFT of actual horses that serves as a digital equivalent. The NFTs follow the physical traits and ancestry of the horse in the real world. Another P2E game that employs its own cryptocurrency, $SLK, as a payment method, is Silks. By mining, purchasing real estate on the network, or even staking and breeding horses, users may earn incentives.

The platform also pays users for making ecosystem contributions. SLK coins may be used to purchase, sell, and trade horses, as well as to play horse racing fantasy games and gain extra incentives using the local cryptocurrency.


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