Sony Adds Anti-Theft Crypto Signature Tech To In-Camera Images

Sony Adds Anti-Theft Crypto Signature Tech To In-Camera Images

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September 11, 2022 by Super System
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Sony adds an anti-theft crypto signature making the process of protecting images simpler and more effective

Sony Electronics has added anti-theft crypto signature technology to its in-camera images. Identifying and applying a digital signature to a photo or video to indicate the item was taken with a particular camera, Sony’s new feature provides authentication for an image, ensuring no one can copy or alter the file without the original user’s permission or consent.

The new technology, called “Anti-theft Crypto Signature”, is added to in camera images by the SONY camera. This means that you cannot modify or remove any image without a unique signature which identifies the image as authentic.

Sony has made it easier than ever to stop thieves from stealing your camera. The new in-camera cryptography technology automatically encrypts images with a unique, unbreakable digital signature as soon as they are shot that can’t be eliminated or reproduced by copying or re-saving.

The new Sony A6300 camera automatically embeds an anti-counterfeiting code into the in-camera images it produces. The cryptographic signature acts as a watermark and can only be seen when viewed on devices equipped with Sony’s proprietary software.

The idea behind NFTs is that the metadata for data objects can be encrypted and stored on a blockchain. Sony’s anti-theft technology will be added to its line of products enabling them to generate an image-specific private key. When users turn off or eject their SD card, the private key will be destroyed only if the user has set up a password (rather than just one of Sony’s pre-set passwords) to prevent unauthorized access.

It will be interesting to see if other camera manufacturers follow suit with similar technology.