7 of the Best Crypto Games to Earn Money in 2022

7 of the Best Crypto Games to Earn Money in 2022

May 27, 2022 by Super System
Best Crypto games 2022

P2E gaming, which allows players to earn rewards for their abilities and experience, is one of the most interesting sectors within the ever-growing cryptocurrency field.

Because of the popularity of this type of game, a slew of P2E projects have sprung up, each with its own take on monetization.

This post will look at seven of the greatest play-to-earn crypto games in 2022, as well as why they’re so popular and how they could change in the future.


Silks – Best P2E Game Overall

Silks is now leading the race in terms of play-to-earn crypto games.

Silks is a brand-new NFT initiative that uses blockchain technology to deliver a unique ‘derivative gaming’ experience.

The Silks metaverse, in particular, provides a platform for players to profit from their in-game exploits via a first-of-its-kind connection to the real world of thoroughbred horse racing.

Players can own digital Silks Avatars and Silks Horses, which are derivatives of real-world racehorses, in the Silks metaverse. Massive decentralized databases that track information on the genealogy, training progress, and racing productivity of genuine thoroughbred horses are used to create this one-to-one relationship.

The main method that players gain incentives is when their Silks Horse’s real-world equivalent wins a race. Prizes are given in $STT, Silks’ fungible transactional token, as mentioned in the whitepaper. Aside from racing, users may earn prizes through Silks’ unique staking mechanism or by breeding retired racehorses.

Due to the fact that Silks Horses are represented as NFTs, users may trade and speculate on them in the secondary market, which is powered by the $STT token. Within the Silks metaverse, players may also acquire virtual land plots or stables (both organized as NFTs), enabling another monetization option.

Silks Genesis Avatar Collection, which will be released at the end of April, will be the company’s first NFT product. Silks Avatars are essential to the project since they will symbolize each player’s distinct identity as well as ownership of their in-game assets within the Silks metaverse.

They will also bring extra perks to its holders, including as airdrops, special gifts, and guaranteed access to the Silks Horse Mint later this summer. Silks’ website, silks.io, is now offering early access to the Silks Genesis Avatar Mint.

Finally, Silks distinguishes apart in the fast growing field of peer-to-peer crypto gaming due to its creative connectivity between the physical and virtual worlds.

Silks seems set to have an exciting second half of the year, with Silks Avatars coming on public sale in just a few weeks, followed by Silks Horses throughout the summer, then virtual land and stables in the months after that.

Best Crypto games 2022
Best Crypto games 2022

Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is another P2E game that is gaining traction in the media. Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game in which players may buy charming monsters (known as Axies) and use them to fight other players. The winners of these bouts are awarded $SLP, which may be used on the Axie Infinity Marketplace or converted to FIAT.

NFTs are used to organize in-game products like Axies and virtual land plots, allowing them to be freely sold on the marketplace. Players may also use $SLP to ‘breed’ Axies, which they can then sell to other players. Axie Infinity is expected to continue expanding in the months ahead, given the development team’s support from prominent players in the crypto sector.



Users may create avatars and own virtual real estate in Decentraland, a blockchain-powered virtual environment. Decentraland, like many other metaverses, enables people to own virtual land parcels, which are represented as NFTs. This, of course, allows participants to speculate and profit from price increases.

Players may monetize their in-world activities through advertising and content curation by owning land. The Decentraland Builder also allows users to construct ‘Scenes,’ which provide routes for endless creative expression. Finally, because Decentraland is organized as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), the players have complete control over its course.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a two-dimensional peer-to-peer network that brings the world of trading card games to the blockchain. The fundamental benefit of this method is that each playing card in Gods Unchained is structured as an NFT. This not only gives players ‘real ownership’ of the cards, but it also implies that the properties of each card cannot be changed.

Each card is minted on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing Gods Unchained players to easily exchange cards using the game’s native coin, $GODS. PVP components are also integrated into Gods Unchained, allowing players to compete against one another for prizes. Gods Unchained is also unique in that it is completely free to play, unlike several other games in the genre.

Gods Unchained


Splinterlands is similar to Gods Unchained in that it is a trading card game that makes use of blockchain technology to improve the user experience. Splinterlands, on the other hand, is based on the Hive blockchain and is free to try — albeit the P2E elements need the purchase of a $10 ‘Summoner’s Book.’

Players in Splinterlands can assemble a formidable deck of cards and use it to attack other players. Daily tasks are also available, rewarding players with Dark Energy Crystals ($DEC), Splinterland’s native currency. Finally, players may earn DEC by ‘burning’ their trade cards, which reduces the overall supply while boosting the value of the cards that remain.

Splinterlands crypto game
Splinterlands crypto game

Battle of Guardians

On the Solana blockchain, Battle of Guardians is a thrilling P2E game. The game was created using Unreal Engine, which allows users to customize their characters and combat other players in real time. All players begin at the same level, encouraging knowledge and skillful play.

Players earn Fighting Points ($FP) by defeating other players in combat, which they may use to buy stuff in the marketplace or enter tournaments.

Battle of Guardians, on the other hand, employs a token called $BGS for governance, staking, and character synthesis.

Battle of Guardians game
Battle of Guardians game

 The Sandbox – The Most Profitable NFT Game

The Sandbox rounds off our list of the top play-to-earn games. Players may control avatars and create in-game goods in the Sandbox, an Ethereum-based virtual environment. Users may design 3D objects that can subsequently be animated and reorganized as NFTs using ‘VoxEdit,’ The Sandbox’s native world builder.

This implies that The Sandbox users may trade their inventions for $SAND, the metaverse’s native coin, on the in-game marketplace. This ERC-20 token may then be used to create personalized avatars, play games, and buy in-game things. Players may also purchase $LAND pieces of virtual land, which can be utilized to develop houses or rented out to other players.

Sandbox game
Sandbox game

Conclusion on the Best Play-to-Earn Crypto Games

This post looked at seven new NFT ventures in the burgeoning P2E area that have a lot of promise in the next weeks and months.

Given their innovative gaming features and large user populations, we can expect these platforms to grow in lockstep with the rest of the industry.