Polkadot Shows Strong Recovery Signs

dot token price

dot token price

Good Reasons To Expect Full Resurgence From Polkadot

Bitcoin was down by 2%, Ethereum by 4%, and Cardano by almost 5%; even Solana had fallen by more than 11% on the daily chart. Despite the chaos in the crypto space, Polkadot stood tall. Among the leading coins in the crypto market, Polkadot is holding well. This has prompted analysts to ask the question, is their hope for full Polkadot recovery. 

Rallying high 

Despite the fact that a bulk of the market is dependent on Bitcoin’s movement, cryptos like Polkadot, Cardano, and Solana are independent of such movement. 

Even in moments of corrections, Polkadot (DOT) has shown lots of recoveries. However, the coin’s performance has been aided by lots of social and developmental factors. 

Collaborations Are Effective

In the crypto market, competition is the name of the game, and collaborations are crucial to growth. Polkadot is very active when it comes to development and collaborations. Currently, PolkaBridge, a decentralized all-in-one financial application platform integrating with Polygon full-stack scaling solution. 

In addition, its price upsurge can be down to Polkadot’s Hackathon that started in early September. In addition, a motion for more funding for the Polkadot Ecology Research Institute has been passed. All of this will help develop the coin even further. 

DOT’s price has started moving in the positive direction, which resulted in a 40% hike in 48 hours.  

What Do Metrics Say?

Metrics have been positive for DOT. On-chain activity on DOT has been increasing because of lots of social volumes and updates thanks to the recent parachaim auction. Metrics show a positive picture as several indicators show positive growth. The retail crowd has also reinforced high development activity. 

Analysts believe that the announcement of Parachains will lead DOT into the $100 zone. Although it seems like a jump too far, you can’t count DOT out of attaining such a price in the long run. 

Polkadot has all the traits to be an excellent crypto option to have. It has a healthy sign for growth as well as development. It has the characteristics to recover in the coming months. 


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