rody platform review

The New Face of Food and Shops Delivery – New ICO

Recent times have seen a lot of changes to how we shop and buy our favorite products, food and meals. There is now a shift from focusing on offline stores to online shops. From grocery stores, to restaurants, convenient stores, food stores, just name it, the online space is housing a good number of avenue to get a good number of services with just the tap of a screen. 

While there are numerous online services and apps that provide some of the services mentioned above, very few offer a hub for buying what we want, and also interacting with other shoppers 

Rody App Review

Rody is a revolutionary online marketplace that as come to change the way we shop. Rody is a new age food and shops delivery and social marketplace. 

Are you hungry? In need of some amazing stuff to purchase? Want to connect with like-minded shoppers or friends? Then Rody is what you need. There is more! Rody gives you the perfect place to collect and trade coins, play a plethora of online games, and win real prizes. 


A New Shopping Experience 

Rody is the new age shopping avenue that brings consumers, businesses and influencers together. It is more than your regular online shopping experience. It connects people who enjoy shopping and food with the best products and services. Rody ensures swift delivery, and excellent service. Consumers can share their experiences, favorite restaurants, and dishes with friends. There is also the opportunity to connect with new faces with similar shopping interest. Talk about taking buying your favorite food to a whole new level. What’s more, you can play some amazing social games for genuine prizes. 

When the ICO will launce there will be a presale! dont miss it out. The IPO will be extrodinary.

Rody Features 

Rody is bringing a lot of exciting features to the online food and shopping market. A shopping and social experience is novel, and quite unique. The combination of digital coins, social media, and influencer marketing all in one platform is convenient. It affords shoppers to do so much in one place easily. Let’s take a look at some of the standout Rody Features. 


Social Space

Rody integrates social media to its platform, allowing businesses, influencers, and shoppers to connect easily. The social media space enable users to connect with friends and meet people with mutual taste and choices. Such social interaction allows consumers to discover what friends enjoy and eat. 

Earn, Buy and Pay with Rody Coin 

Rody Coin is a unique cryptocurrency coin. Users can earn Rody Coin by playing a variety of online games. They can also buy, collect and trade the coin. With the coin, users can purchase discounts, transfer to friends, and much more. The Rody Token will be launched at the presale!


Play Online Games 

Waiting for your order just relax and play an extensive number of online games. With the coin, you can also win Rody Coins, and other amazing prizes. At the presale lunch, much wider explanations will take place. 

Don’t miss out on the Presale at the lunch! Keep track of all the details at the website.