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Brave Browser Wants A Crackdown On Google

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Brave browser is at war against its stiff competitor, Google. The team behind Brave Browser wants the U.K. to use the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to clamp down on Google. The team insists that Google has an unfair competitive advantage due to its access to large amounts of user data. Brave aired its displeasure with Google in a submission filed with the U.K’s consumer protection agency. Brave insists that U.K’s failure to enforce European data protection law provides Google with a leeway. 

Brave argues that the reason they filed their submission was not because of the competition with Chrome, but doing the right thing. Dr. Johnny Ryan, Brave’s chief policy and industry relations officer, said the U.K should be fair in enforcing the laws that protect consumers. 

“RTB [Real-time-bidding, an auction for online ads] is the biggest data breach in the world; personal data are being broadcasted to thousands of companies.”

according to Dr. Ryan. 

Fair Enforcement Of GDPR

The words of Dr. Ryan is a response to the U.K.’s Competition and Market Authority’s concern that enforcing the GDPR gives an extra advantage to Google because of the size of data it has access through its numerous services. 

Nevertheless, Dr. Ryan insists that there is more than can be done. He urged the relevant authorities to take a more robust approach to enforce its laws. The GDPR prevents any major tech firm from sharing user data across various aspects of its business. 



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