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Binance Trading Platform Token (BNB) Takes over Bitcoin?

For some of you who do not know, Binance is one of the biggest trading platforms for Cryptocurrencies today. The platform has its own token, with many benefits for whoever holds it. By possessing the BNB token in your account, you may lower the trading fees, and earn a higher percentage of the fees generated by your referrals. If your affiliate referrals make any trades, it just makes sense to hold the required 500 BNB to lower your fees while increasing your bonus.

Last week Singapore announced that they are going to invest in the Binance platform directly. Many more financial capitals of the world are taking a keen interest in the largest and most respected trading platform.

“Binance has announced that in their first week in Uganda they signed up over 40,000 new users.”

Those were not the only good news Binance had recently. Africa is in the need of financial stability will likely to turn into cryptocurrencies to combat hyperinflation. Binance will make early moves into the continent while other exchanges will try and capitalize on this first.

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BNB – Much more than just another Token.

BNB is being integrated by TravelbyBit as a payment method across all of their platforms and merchants. Originally BNB did not have much use except for the benefits it provided the users of the Binance trading platform, However, the BNB cryptocurrency is rising from a token used solely to benefit and give small bonuses to the Binance users to one that can be openly transacted and used on the same level as the dominating market players such as BTC. This does not only increase the utility of the BNB but increases its value.

Supporting a coin that Changpend Zhao or more commonly seen as CZ is the Founder of BNB. Binance as his ‘baby’ is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange. CZ has news that regularly adds more utility and provides daily benefits for just holding the token which makes BNB one of the top candidates for investing prior to the next bull run.

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Will it go North?

When the alt season will begin again, there will be a flood of new traders to the biggest exchanges. At that point, it will be too late to buy BNB. The time to accumulate coins that are likely to trend in the short term is now. BNB is a coin with a market cap of over a billion dollars that should easily see 100% returns at the nearest sign of the next bull run.

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